My Busy Life at University

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Let me tell you about my schedule at university………

I started university in when I was years old. The first year was difficult for me because everything was new and different from high school. My schedule also changed a lot.

At school, I used to get up early, at about every morning. My schedule is more flexible now. Not all days I start classes at the same . But in general terms, now I finish my daily activities much later than at school. I usually go home at around every evening. When I get home I’m always tired and really hungry! I usually go to bed at about .

At university, I have or classes everyday, and apart from that, I have to study and do my homework. I usually spend hours every day doing these two activities!

With all this work, I really don’t have much time. At weekends, anyway, I try to relax and forget about university. I always get up and sleep more, around 10 hours every night.