Reading Comprehension: Stress in the Modern World

Read the text and then answer the questions about it.

Stress in the Modern World

Stress is a very important part of life. It pushes us to make changes and makes us fight for what we want. At the same time stress in the modern world is an enormous problem. More and more, people are going to the doctor with stress problems. If you tell your friends and family that you are getting headaches, or that you are tired all the time, they'll tell you it's stress. Then they'll tell you long stories about what makes them stressed - "Oh, I know what you mean, my" Last year, psychotherapist Christian Schriner did a survey about the causes of stress in men. 32 % of the men interviewed said that their wife was the cause of their stress! Of course, this is not the only reason for stress in men. 21 % said that the main cause was work, their bosses are terrible, they never tell them their work is good. 10 % said that money was their biggest problem - money for the car, the house, credit cards and so on. With so much stress causing so many problems, it's time to take the experts advice: lots of exercise, lots of sleep and lots of fruit and vegetables. Relax and try to enjoy life!